Meeting Minutes - April 11, 2016



Charlevoix Township Board


Minutes of Regular Meeting


April 11, 2016


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The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Rajewski, Christiansen, Williams, and Witherspoon present. 




The minutes of a Special Board Meeting held on February 3, 2016, were accepted, and the minutes of the regular March 14, 2016, Board meeting were accepted.




The financial report was given by Williams.




Water Foreman Holecheck reported on the amount of water pumped during 2015. Fire Chief Thorp reported that the air packs have arrived and that they are waiting for delivery of the bottles.




Rick Root requested that the Township consider improving the Lake Michigan boat launch, and other public comment was heard in this regard. The Board discussed the request and will ask Performance Engineering to prepare a proposal.




Supervisor Center presented Charlevoix County's estimate of $179,175 for the cost of repairs to a section of Mt. McSauba Road between Division and Pleasant. Public comment was heard regarding the condition of Mt. McSauba Road and a portion of Waller Road.  The Board discussed the annual budget allocation of $300,000 for road maintenance, which will not cover both roads, but the County engineer will be contacted to prepare a new estimate to include both.




John Campbell presented the Board with a proposal for a North Point Preserve Forest Inventory and Management Plan and informed the Board regarding the need to evaluate the forest area annually in order to create recommendations on how to protect it. The proposal was tabled to the next meeting.




A bid for painting fire hydrants at $105 per hydrant was presented.  After discussion, Christensen moved and Witherspoon supported a motion to accept the bid.  Motion carried unanimously. (M-09-16)




Rajewski moved and Christiansen supported a motion to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented and appropriated. Motion carried unanimously.   (M-10-16)




Supervisor Center announced that the Township Board of Trustees were participating in a City Council Work Session on April 12, 2016, along with the Charlevoix Public Schools Board of Education and the Charlevoix Hospital Board of Directors.




It was also announced that the Township Planning Commission meeting was moved from April 20th to April 27, 2016, and that there will be a Township Budget Hearing on June 30, 2016.




The meeting adjourned at 7:45  p.m.




Respectfully submitted,


Teresa A. Sotuyo,


Recording Secretary