Meeting Minutes - March 14, 2016





Charlevoix Township Board


Minutes of Regular Meeting


March 14, 2016


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The Charlevoix Township Board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Center with Board Members Rajewski, Christiansen, Williams, and Witherspoon present. 




The minutes of the January 11, 2016, meeting were accepted.




The financial report was given by Williams.




Water Foreman Holecheck reported that a water leak had been found and repaired on the south side.  Fire Chief Thorp reported that the air packs will not be delivered until April and that he will be in contact with St. Marys Cement asking for financial assistance to pay for them.




Supervisor Center indicated that the SEEDS Youth Conservation Corps has presented a proposal for $5,800 for one week of labor. The Board discussed possible special projects and will consider the proposal at the next meeting.




Anne Zukowski addressed the Board regarding the potential issues that could arise should Enbridge's Pipeline #5 fail, with Rick and Joann Beemon offering additional comments. They urged the Board to pass a resolution in support of stopping the transportation of oil under the Great Lakes, in support of HR 182 and CR 15 calling on Governor Snyder to shut down Pipeline #5, and in support of sending a letter to Governor Snyder and other state officials.  The Board reviewed the language of a similar resolution recently passed by the City of Charlevoix.  Witherspoon moved and Williams supported a motion to pass a resolution using the same wording as the City's resolution. Motion carried unanimously. (M-04-16)




Site Planning's bid for fertilizer application was presented and discussed.  Rajewski moved and Williams supported a motion to accept Site Planning's bid.  Motion carried unanimously. (M-05-16)




American Waste's bid for spring cleanup was presented and discussed.  Rajewski moved and Witherspoon supported a motion to accept Site Planning's bid.  Motion carried unanimously. (M-06-16)




Supervisor Center offered the language for a proposed resolution and ballot wording to place on the August 2, 2016, primary election ballot asking the township residents to renew the 2 mill operational millage.  After discussion, Williams moved with Rajewski supporting, a motion to pass a resolution to place the millage renewal on the ballot.  A voice vote was taken.  For:  Williams, Witherspoon, Center, Rajewski, Christiansen.  Against:  None.  Motion carried unanimously.  (M-07-16)




Supervisor Center informed the Board that the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance is working with local ownership and realtors to market the former DeStaco building through the internet . Witherspoon informed the Board that the Township's unemployment tax base has decreased resulting in lower payroll tax expense for the Township.




Williams moved and Rajewski supported a motion to allow the Clerk to pay bills presented and appropriated. Motion carried unanimously.   (M-08-16)




Joann Curtis addressed the Board indicating that she is seeing a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists using the South Side bike trail.  She asked the Board to consider placing signage along the trail which would direct users to Fisherman's Island State Park.  She also asked if the Township could offer a truck for trash pickup if WATCH offered to clean up along the M-66 portion of the trail, and she was directed to call Randy Holecheck.




The meeting adjourned at 7:52  p.m.




Respectfully submitted,


Teresa A. Sotuyo,


Recording Secretary